Every picture tells a story.

Telling a story with imagery that engages the viewer emotionally… that’s what we do.

Don PearseOne day back in 1995, having been in the photography business for seven years, I stopped in to visit my mother. My son, a second grader at the time and my four year old daughter, a nursery school student, were along for the visit. The conversation with mom eventually turned to how the children were performing in school. I delighted in describing in detail their latest achievements. When I finished my mom decided to share with us something she had saved from my early school days. From a small cabinet drawer, my mom handed me a 6×9 folder with my name, school’s name and year applied to the cover. The folder was from my elementary school, my second grade year. I was touched that she had saved something of mine for all these years. As it turns out, this was just one of many relics from my past she’d held on to and would eventually share with us. Anyway, the content held firmly within the pocket of the folder was one of those “future occupational” tests.

From a series of questions presented about oneself and based on a rating points system, a suggestion of “what you’re going to be when you grow up” is forecasted. I vaguely remember taking the test and couldn’t for the life of me remember what the results were. However, when I looked at the outcome of the test I was amazed. My answers suggested that I could do well as either an architect or a photographer.

In 1986, many years after the second grade and nine years before my future occupational test was to be presented to me again, I was working for a custom furniture building company. I wasn’t an architect or a photographer. I was designing and building custom furniture and curved staircases. I started as an apprentice thirteen years prior and was feeling the need for something more. One day, while paging through a shelter publication on the “built environment,” I was transfixed. I discovered architectural and interior design photography. As if a light had switched on inside me, I was compelled from some hidden source within. Filled with a passion and determination unlike anything I experienced before, I knew what I wanted to do for the rest of my life — photograph architecture and interior design.

For nine years I operated as a sole proprietor in southeastern Pennsylvania, not far from Philadelphia. I incorporated in 1997 as Don Pearse Photographers, Inc. and positioned our office and studio in East Goshen Township of West Chester, PA, a historically rich township within Chester County. In addition to the outstanding service we provide, our focus is dedicated to creating and delivering premium photographic images of architecture and interior design to our clients. We have been described by some as a Geopetto: “successfully infusing life into lifeless subjects; able to consistently transform the ordinary into the extraordinary; capable of balancing the intricacies of light and shadow with great success thus crystallizing three dimensional space into a two dimensional medium.”

Whether on location or in the studio, we possess the ability for extraordinary lighting and production techniques with an uncommon attention to detail. Architectural photography and interior design photography; what a thrilling combination!